Q: Can the 3D Scanner harm me?

A: No the scanner is just like any other photographic camera and is perfectly safe.


Q: Do we need to hold ourselves still for the scan?

A: Yes, for less than half a second.


Q: What material is the statuette made from and how is it made?

A: The material is full colour sandstone and the statuette is produced using a 3D printer.


Q: When will I get my figurine?

A: The process from scan to completion takes between 2 and 3 weeks.


Q: Can I wear glasses?

A: Unfortunately not, due to their transparent nature.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do at an additional cost.


Q: Do I need a booking?

A: Yes, there is an automated booking system on our website. Or come and see us at one of the shows we attend, at these events booking is not required.


Q: How long will the scan take?

A: The scan itself will be over in less than a second, but an appointment will last approximately 20 minutes whilst we check you are happy with the scan.


Q: What poses are allowed?

A: Any pose is OK as long as you remain in the scanning region. When you arrive we will work with you to ensure the pose you choose is the best possible.


Q: Are my images and scan private?

A: We do not share the images with any third parties and use the files only to produce your statuettes.


Q: Can you scan multiple people at the same time?
A: Yes although the more people that are included the larger the area obscured from the scanners view and so we recommend keeping the number of people to no more than three. Ideally you will be scanned separately and then the statues can be stood in position afterwards.


Q: Can a number of scans be taken before a choice is made?

A: Yes we will take a number of scans during the appointment and you can pick the one you prefer.


Q: How much do you charge when scanning more than one person at a time?

A: The pricing is on a per person basis and so for two people it is doubled, for three tripled etc. However there are reductions for children scanned with adults as the children are scaled against the adult statuette.


Q: Can I get a discount for ordering multiple copies of my scan?

A: Yes there is a 15% discount for additional orders.


Q: If I want another copy of my statuette at a later date is that possible?
A: Yes we store copies of the scans for future reprints.


Q: Do we have to have the model printed through you?

A: No, we will provide the statuette to you in an .obj format which you should be able to send to print at any other printing service.


Q: Are there other materials available for printing?
A: Yes we can print in a number of other materials including steel, plastic, silver and gold.


Q: Can I wash my 3D statuette?

A: No, when cleaning use a soft dry cloth, using water may distort the colours.


Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept American Express.


Q: How fragile are they?
A: This depends to a large extent on the pose, the more intricate the pose the more fragile the statuette, this includes things such as extended fingers. We will advise you about this during the process.