About Us

Hi I'm Zach and welcome to the 3D Parrot, let me tell you a little more about how we began.

The 3D Parrot was conceived whilst I was an undergraduate at York university studying Physics, it was both an extension of the study I was undertaking and a diversion from the rigours of the coursework.  3D Parrot was formally launched to the public at MCM Comic-Con at the NEC in March 2017 with the intention to spread the knowledge and use of 3D scanning throughout the UK and allowing me to do something I love!

To date we have scanned and produced statuettes of friends, pets and horses. However regardless of what we scan our aim is to provide a unique experience and memento of the things we love the most.

The scanning system has been built in-house with the support from colleagues in Europe and is fitted with over 110 cameras allowing us to capture images from every angle, twice - and then combine these images to create a stunning 3D visualisation which can be rendered and printed in a huge range of mediums to suit everyone's needs.

We enjoy the process and the ability to share these great experiences with our customers and hope that you will love the results.

Zachary Newport