The exciting opportunities in 3D Scanning

Hi guys,

This is my first post, I have been working with Zach for about a week now.

The first thing I have noticed is the endless avenues that 3D scanning and printing have. Just within our firm, we are exploring over 10 different services with a number of different materials being used. We have spent a few days looking into building a prototype for a new scanner, we believe this can be built within two weeks!! This has given everyone within the firm a buzz about where we can take the company.

The opportunity for people to have all the things they love scanned and printed, such as cars and even houses. There are even firms in America, such as Organovo, that are printing in human tissue in an attempt to save lives. I think they key factor here is the innovative minds that 3D scanning and printing attracts.

So watch this space as we will have some amazing products and services to offer in the coming weeks!!

Until next time,

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